Digital Leader

The Digital Leader


Every business now operates in the context of a changing economy that makes real-time data and analysis invaluable.

When inflation is driving rising costs and recession looms, digital technology is a must. But it must be tied to business outcomes. Here we blend our expertise in technology and business to show you how to build the right technology foundation and make the right organizational changes to become a truly digital company.

You will gain an edge in the present and build an enduring competitive advantage.

Digitizing your business is no easy task. It takes small, incremental steps to generate a transformation that exceeds everyone’s expectations – including your own.

I wrote “The Digital Leader: Finding a Faster, More Profitable Path to Exceptional Growthwith my good friend Raj Vattikuti, Founder and Executive Chairman of Altimetrik, to advise leaders on a simple, smooth, and manageable digital transformation process.

Our roadmap gives executives, managers, and other business leaders, as well as IT and data professionals, concrete strategies and methods that are guaranteed to yield results.

How exactly do you craft a successful digital transformation? There are some key components.

  1. Focus on one piece of the business at a time. Small changes actually give your business an advantage rather than leave you behind – we’ll explain why in the pages of our book.
  2. Utilize AI and machine learning. It will give your business quick digital wins, and we share new algorithms and models that you can implement to create stepped-up value for customers and shareholders.
  3. Learn from the success of others. The second half of our read contains 26 case studies that demonstrate how leaders and companies across a variety of industries have achieved success on their own digital transformation journey.

Digitalization of your business will accelerate growth with greater flexibility and agility. A successful transformation starts with creating a single source of truth to enable experimentation and innovation, our book helps by providing a roadmap and key ingredients to this change. Get your copy today.