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Cynthia Burr

MAY 2021

Book review | ‘Rethinking Competitive Advantage’: Ram Charan’s lucid guide to six traits of successful businesses

MAY 2021
Ram Charan featured in the Top 20 Global Trainers – Strategy

MAR 2021
Ram Charan ranked #27 in the leadership category of Global Gurus.

DEC, 2016

The Secrets of Great CEO Selection

FEB 26, 2016

Harvard Business Review: How to Transform a Traditional Giant into a Digital One

SEP 22, 2013

CioIndex: The Changing Role of the CIO in Today’s Global Marketplace

SEP 04, 2013
BusinessWeek: Microsoft’s Make-or-Break Decision: Selecting the Next CEO

JUL 23, 2013
Harvard Business Review: One Microsoft. Four Ways to Integrate Fiefdoms.

JUN 28, 2013
Harvard Business Review: Get Your Budget Ready for the Upturn

JUN 28, 2013
CNN Money: Welcome to the Great, Global Business Revolution

APR 3, 2013
The Hindu: Why the South will Lead in the Global Tilt

APR 2, 2013
Globe and Mail: Global Tilt

MWorld: Cover feature and interview

MAR 22, 2013
Harvard Business Review: Why the South Will Lead in the Global Tilt

MAR 20, 2013
Association of Management Consulting Firm: Innovation Unleashed – Excerpt from Global Tilt

MAR 19, 2013
Forbes: Is Your Core Competence Still Relevant?

MAR 18, 2013
C-Level Strategies, Visionary Leadership: Leading Through Global Tilt, Interview

MAR 12, 2013
Conference Board Review: North to South: You’ve accepted the post in India. Now what?

MAR 11, 2013
Publishers Weekly: Global Tilt: Mastering the Inevitable Shift of Economic Power

MAR 8, 2013
Economic Times of India: CEO coach Ram Charan on how to win in a changing world

MAR 8, 2013
First Friday Book Synopsis: Global Dexterity: A book review by Bob Morris

MAR 4, 2013 Contributed Article- Are You Prepared to Lead in the ‘Global Tilt?’

MAR, 2013
In Business Magazine: Global Tilt

MAR, 2013
Soundview Book Summaries: How to Lead Your Business Through the Global Tilt

FEB 26, 2013
Fast Company: Can You Compete in the New Global Martetplace?

FEB 1, 2013
Library Journal: Xpress Reviews: Nonfiction | First Look at New Books

FEB 1, 2013
KIRKUS Review: Global Tilt

FEB 1, 2013
Leadership Now: First Look: Leadership Books for February 2013

JAN 28, 2013
Publishers Weekly: Spring 2013 Announcements: Business & Economics: Taking Stock

JAN 4, 2013
The Economic Times: Technology itself doesn’t change things: Ram Charan

NOV 21, 2012
Forbes India: How to Scale up Your Enterprise: Conversations with Sadhguru & Dr Ram Charan

NOV 16-17, 2012 Dr. Ram Charan: Leadership in Economic Uncertainty

OCT 21, 2012 Taking Back the Reins

OCT 14, 2012
USA Today: Column: Fiscal cliff can be avoided. Here’s how.

SEPT 7, 2012
Economic Times: Management guru Ram Charan on how to deal with boardroom negativity

AUG 8, 2012
CNN Money: Why boards fail to choose the right CEO

JULY 21, 2012
Harvard Business Review: The Discipline of Listening

JULY 17, 2012
Harvard Business Review: The 100 Most Important People in Your Company

NOV 7, 2011
The Express Tribune: Ram Charan: India’s no-nonsense management guru

APRIL 5, 2011 Secrets of CEO Talent Masters with Ram Charan

OCT 6, 2010
CNN Money: Directors: A harsh new reality

FEB 6, 2010
Economic Times: Meet Ram Charan the world’s most influential consultant

MAY 30, 2008
Fast Company: How To Kill An Idea

Jan 18, 2004
US News: Interview With Ram Charan


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