Talent Shortage

Talent Shortage


I was on a call the other day with a CEO of a global company and he asked me: “What can I do about the talent shortage?”

My answer was that there’s no such thing as a shortage of talent. It’s the businesses that need to be restructured in order to reskill existing talent.

When you go to college to get a Master’s degree in 1 year, you gain a ton of knowledge in a compressed time.

We have now shown that you can get an MBA in one year and be even better educated.

An intensive learning experience where irrelevant topics are taken out and there are daily tests leads to a better chance of retention.

Concentrated learning is a modular, focused, and different design that CEOs need to implement.

CEOs need to assign high-level executives to find content that is relevant, innovative, and can be applied Monday morning.

Condensed education training is the best way to elevate culture and people’s minds.

Activist Shareholder Campaigns

Recent activist shareholder campaigns, notably at Disney, underscore the vital role they play in addressing company performance issues.  Highlighting financial shortcomings, these shareholders bring constructive,

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