President Xi’s New Economic Approach


Every business leader needs to be paying attention to what is happening in China right now – and they must look at analyses with a critical eye!

Western economists often analyze the Chinese economy through the lens of a 100-year history of American economic management and policies.

This viewpoint risks misreading the nuance of China’s approach under President Xi. He appears to be forging a new economic path. Instead of relying on sweeping fiscal stimuli, President Xi’s strategy involves targeted infusions to combat bubbles and economic imbalances. The recent 4.5% GDP growth suggests this approach may be working.

If this continues, we could witness the birth of a new economic model, challenging over a century of laissez-faire economics.

The Economic War

The global business landscape is transforming. At its core, there is an ongoing economic war between the world’s leading powers. The United States recently restricted

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