You must assign people to the tasks they love.

One-on-one meetings and people analytics may help you understand personal preferences, identify skills, and ensure the company is giving employees the opportunity to grow.

Most companies pay too much attention to their finances, but they forget it is the people who conceive, execute, deliver, and generate revenue.

No people, no company! Talent is THE comparative advantage.

Everything else may simply be regarded as indicators.

Encouraging employees to think and act independently will improve employee morale and inquisitiveness, retention rates, and business productivity.

Getting to know your employees and nurturing talent in your company are critical to shaping future leaders.

Observe the power of ‘the basics.’ What matters is that leaders’ behaviors, skills, and visions are suitable for the situation at hand.

Proper matching makes a business successful.

Preserve your talent and courage. Leaders make companies win.

Activist Shareholder Campaigns

Recent activist shareholder campaigns, notably at Disney, underscore the vital role they play in addressing company performance issues.  Highlighting financial shortcomings, these shareholders bring constructive,

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