Learning business in my family's shop

How I Learned Business in my Family’s Shop


I grew up in India where my family owned a shoe shop. It is there that I learned the basics of business, to diagnose the most complicated businesses in the world, and my work ethic, all of which have led to my success.

I came from a hard-working family without much access to education.

At a young age, I learned discipline. I opened the shoe shop at 7:00 am before school, saw one customer before my brothers came in, went to school, and came back directly at 4:00 pm.

When there were no customers, I used to do my homework. They still have the shoeboxes where I used to solve my Arithmetic work.

That was where I learned how to diagnose a problem. I learned to work hard but I also learned that I loved business. It was this passion that fueled my work ethic.

Our lives are a summation of our experiences. Every experience we have ever been through impacts us.

Where did you learn to love your trade?

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