Digital Transformation


Today, almost every person is on social media. Most of our population consumes information through cell phones, tablets, and computers.

As a business person, if you do not yet have a profile of your online customers, the life span of your company is in danger.

Get on with it. Many businesses have connections and data, but it’s not organized or usable for algorithms, insights, and digital dashboards.

Do not delay with this because the world has moved ahead with the “Market of 1.” This is a shift from a market strategy appealing to the masses to a market strategy for the individual.

Do not adhere to the myth that digitization is expensive or that it takes too long. If somebody tells you that, push back. A number of IT people have absorbed enormous cash budgets to update companies’ IT systems, but not enough money is left for digitization of the market aspects.

I want you to know that you can do the bite size digital projects without long-term enterprise resource planning.