Confidence and Uncertainty


If you are going to be confident in your leadership, you must master the basics of your domain. Practice them in various combinations. Remember that it is a process of constant learning and adaptation. Prepare yourself for unforeseen challenges.

Here is an example: consider athletes training for the Olympics. Their confidence is a result of rigorous practice. They learn to combine various skills. They ready themselves for any competition scenario.

Now, apply this lesson to business. What are the varying factors? Geopolitical conflicts: Russia-Ukraine conflict, U.S.-China relations, and global leadership changes. You must be prepared to navigate through these.

Remember these two tools — preparation and practice. The more you engage in mental rehearsals for various scenarios, the more intuitive and confident you become in tackling real-world challenges.

Develop a mindset that embraces uncertainty. Prepare for it with foresight and agility. This is what defines true leadership.