Chinese Market Openness


You have no doubt seen the recent high-profile meeting in San Francisco. President Xi of China extended an open invitation to American businesses. He is signaling the Chinese market’s openness and welcoming foreign direct investment. 

You stand at a crossroads with three paths:

  1. Maintain Ties: Continue relying on Chinese supplies and market presence.
  2. Complete Withdrawal: Sell your interests to Chinese entities, as some have recently chosen.
  3. Gradual Phase-Out: Strategically reduce dependency over time.

While open channels between Biden and Xi are a positive development, don’t lose sight of the broader picture. The economic war is far from over. American businesses aren’t merely competing with Chinese firms but are up against the policies of the CCP.

As you contemplate your next move, cut through the PR and ceremonial niceties. Think deeply about the risks and implications of each choice.