Companies need a new kind of leader to meet the enormous challenges of today’s fast moving business world. Whether you have the potential to step up and lead or are charged with finding those who can, The High-Potential Leader is your authoritative guide.

Known for his coaching work with many of the world’s leading CEOs, Ram Charan explains how those with leadership potential (HIPOS) can know who they are, create their individual paths, and accelerate their growth. He also helps top management and HR professionals spot HIPOS and support development of the skills, judgment and mental capacity they will need at the highest organizational levels.

This hands-on guide covers:

  • Practical advice and checklists in every chapter for making daily progress toward running a large team, business unit, or company.
  • A framework for deciding when and how to make job changes that speed development.
  • Firsthand examples and lessons learned from many top leaders around the world in a variety of industries.
  • New approaches for HR and leadership developers to attract, develop, and retain the HIPOS their company needs.