Boards At Work

How Corporate Boards Create Competitive Advantage

Ram Charan

Hardcover: 304 pages
Publisher: Jossey-Bass; 1 edition (March 1998)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0787910600
ISBN-13: 978-0787910600

Unleash one of your company’s greatest competitive weapons. In this timely new work, ace consultant Ram Charan takes an eye-opening look at how many boards are transcending tradition by becoming dynamic partners in corporate governance. He also shows CEOs how they can go about tapping the vast storehouse of experience and wisdom a board’s membership represents. Filled with specific instructions and strategies, Fortune 500 examples, and real-time tools for initiating board transformations, Boards At Work takes readers to the front lines of the American board revolution.

“Ram Charan is a wise counselor and keen observer on the front lines of the American board revolution. Boards at Work is a rare blend of candid stories of casualties, of victories, and of sound ideas for change illustrated with real-world examples of how to adopt them.”

—William Adams, retired chairman and president of Armstrong World Industries and former director of Bell Atlantic

“This book describes the new roles the board, the CEO, and the senior human resources executive play at companies including GE. It gives specific recommendations for linking succession to leadership development company-wide and is rich with insight and practical advice that only an insider could provide.”

—William J. Conaty, senior vice president, Human Resources, General Electric Company

“Boards at Work reveals what is untaught about the contributions a good board can make. Charan’s observations get right tot eh heart of how boards and CEOs can interact to increase shareholder value. It’s a must read for present and future CEOs and board members, regardless of company size of stage of development.”

—Thomas M. Loarie, chairman and CEO, KeraVision

“Ram Charan, more so than anyone else on the globe, has perspectives and understandings of the working of corporate boards that will be helpful to many. His insights and knowledge will prove invaluable to CEOs, board members, and senior executives, as well as to anyone impacted by the decision-making processes of corporate boards.”

—Alex Mandl, chairman and CEO, Teligent, and director of Dell Computer and Warner-Lambert

“In this book, Ram Charan confronts the critical issues faced by the boards of directors of publicly traded companies in a way only he can. His valuable views and opinions come from years of consulting with some of America’s best-known and most successful chairmen and CEOs, who also share their direct insights on the most controversial of topics. More than a good book on management, this is a reference to be used over and over again.”

—Jerome Meyer, chairman and CEO, Tektronix Inc., and director of AMP

“Ram Charan’s advice to CEOs and directors is both compelling and practical. Boards at Workwill be a long-lasting guide to creating stronger governance and enhancing shareholder value.”

—Russell S. Reynolds, Jr., chairman, Directorship Inc., and founder chairman, Russell Reynolds Associates, Inc.