Board Agenda


As the world economy ebbs and flows, the specter of a potential recession looms large. Middle managers — you play a crucial role in navigating uncertainty and ensuring organizational resilience.

Consider the three pressing issues that have taken center stage for many boards:
Cybersecurity: Are our processes, technologies, and behaviors fit for purpose?
International dynamics: What will be the impacts of global political shifts, like initiatives by China against the U.S. or the tensions between Russia and Ukraine?
Supply chains: With many firms reliant on China for significant portions of revenue, how will we adapt to changes?

Middle managers — keep your fingers on the pulse of these issues. Learn and understand these subjects. Then, you may contribute effectively to your organization’s strategies and maintain morale in the face of change.

It’s not just about recognizing what’s on the horizon, it’s about preparing for it — industry by industry, country by country. In times of economic uncertainty, truthfulness, knowledge, and strategic action are our most powerful tools.