Sustainability Practices

3 Sustainability Practices


The train is leaving the station, it’s time to get on.

Change your habits. Then, change the habits of your associates, employees, and partners.

Stop using plastics in daily use, including simple packages. If you are a B2B (business-to-business) supplier, your customers will demand it.

Produce your products with that in mind. Today, I see toothbrushes with wooden handles. These simple shifts are the foundation of an eco mindset.

More regulations are coming. The SCC will demand the disclosure of what your business is doing in regard to sustainability.

More industries are being created around this and are publicly announcing accountability and how people will be measured.

I serve on the Board of a company called ReNew. On this Board, we have a whole committee devoted to sustainability practices.

Compensation is linked to performance on this committee. It is a very serious matter.

Remember, the real job of the CFO is capital allocation. So, we must do sustainability investments in a way that enhances shareholder value.

This is the new standard against which all companies will be prepared.