Old Ways

Old Ways of Thinking


You are the captain of your own destiny. You determine how you develop your new skills, how you gain new knowledge, how you go from one level of your job to two levels above, faster. And you determine if you are going to expand your knowledge on your own.

I was sitting with the world’s largest hotel chain founder, and he asked me: “I need hotel managers to expand our business.” I told him: “How long does it take for a person to go from a bellman to a hotel manager?” He replied: “28 years.”

“Sir, your expansion is constricted because it takes so long.”

First, nobody will have the patience for long wait times to advance. Second, the way we train people is terrible. Third, the modern online courses that are available are free and will serve as an outlet for people.

Companies must account for these factors. Even then, young generations are digitally-minded and can move from “bellman to hotel manager” in less than seven years.

A year and a half of experience in three or four jobs and they can get there. It is a waste of a person’s life to take 28 years to go from the bottom to the top.

Reap the benefits of these readily available resources. Growth starts with an ardent mindset and insatiable curiosity about the world’s needs.

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