How are you Developing your Talents?


I always hear that there isn’t enough talent to fill positions. I do not agree.

It is a lack of willingness to pay market value for great talent. Specific skills are being undersold and so the right people are not coming to the jobs that need them.

The problem is further exacerbated by a lack of development of raw talent.

As CEO problem solver, I work on shaping talent and applying it to concrete business opportunities.

I believe that people are only achieving 10% of their potential, and with my help, they can achieve 50% of their talent.

I am practice-oriented to teach knowledge that is useful to each person.

I believe there is no one who can’t be taught and no problem we can’t solve.

Don’t ever tell me there is a shortage of talent. It is about valuing the right skills and further developing talent.

How are you developing your talents?